In the medical world, hypodermic needles are a vital tool. They have been used for decades to administer medications or collect bodily fluids. Over time, the design and features of these needles have continuously evolved to make them safer and more effective. Here, we will explore some of the innovative designs and features of modern hypodermic needles that can be found at Face Med Store, such as beveled tip needles.

What is a Hypodermic Needle?

A hypodermic needle is a hollow tube with a sharp point at one end used to penetrate the skin for injections or collecting fluid samples. The sharp end allows it to pierce even tough layers of skin without causing discomfort or significant damage.

Beveled Tip Needles Available at Face Med Store

At Face Med Store, you can find high-quality beveled tip needles that are perfect for administering liquids into your body with minimal pain and discomfort. These special needles feature an angled cut on their tips which helps increase accuracy when inserted into tissue while minimizing trauma to cells in the area surrounding it. This makes them ideal for delicate procedures like vaccine administration or blood draws. Additionally, they come in various sizes depending on what type of procedure you need to perform.

Safety Features

When using a hypodermic needle, safety should always be paramount. Fortunately, modern needles now have several safety features designed to minimize injury during use and reduce accidental needlestick injuries after disposal. One example is the ‘safety sleeve’, which covers the needle immediately after use and prevents contact with its sharp edge until it is safely disposed of in a sharps container. Other safety mechanisms include auto-retraction technology, which retracts the needle back into the barrel after use to eliminate any exposed edges, and blunt needle designs, which further reduce the potential for harm by blunting any remaining sharp edges after retraction.

Precision formulation technology

To ensure accurate dosing when administering medication by injection, modern syringes are now manufactured using advanced Precision Formulation Technology (PFT). PFT is a process by which each individual dose is precisely measured based on factors such as weight, age, etc. to ensure accurate delivery every time, without accidentally over- or under-dosing patients due to human error or miscalculation.

Needle height adjustment technology

Another great feature found on most modern hypodermic needles is Adjustable Height Technology (AHT). AHT allows users to adjust the length of their needle so that it reaches just below the surface level when inserted into tissue – reducing the overall pain sensation during insertion and ensuring that there’s no residual fluid left behind afterward that could cause irritation/infection later down the line if not properly treated immediately upon removal from the patient’s body.

Minimized dead space design

In order to maximize the efficiency of drug delivery systems while minimizing the waste caused by dead space within syringe barrels, many manufacturers have begun to incorporate Minimised Dead Space Design (MDD) techniques into their products! MDD reduces the air bubbles present within the fluid chambers by utilizing smaller bore sizes, thereby increasing the flow rate while reducing the volume required per injection – resulting in better dosage control & accuracy during drug delivery processes without wasting extra material!


Modern hypodermic needles have revolutionized the way we safely and accurately deliver medication into our bodies today through their advanced designs and features such as Precision Formulation Technology (PFT), Adjustable Height Technology (AHT), and Minimised Dead Space Design (MDD). If you’re looking for quality beveled tip needles then look no further than the Face Med Store – where you’ll find everything you need for successful injections without compromising on safety standards!


Sean Fox is a nutritionist and a blogger based in Illinois.