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Are you ready for laser dentistry? Chances are good that laser dentistry is ready for you. More and more dentists are turning towards laser dentistry for one reason above all others: it’s fast! Of course, speed is nothing without accuracy, but a skilled dentist can use a laser very precisely to take care of problems that used to take an hour or more in the dentist chair. Who really wants to go to the dentist and get their teeth taken care of? Not us, not at all. We would rather opt out of all of that if we could, so that we don’t really have to worry too much about the process. Yet we want whiter teeth, and we want them right away. That means that more people are looking into laser teeth whitening. It’s not something that you really have to qualify for either — if you know of a local dentist that uses laser technology, chances are good that you’re a strong candidate for teeth whitening using this process.

What happens here is that the peroxide bleaching solution is applied to each and every one of your teeth. The solution is then activated by laser energy, which serves as a catalyst to speed up the process. It’s very high tech, very cool, and designed to really rock your world. What else could you really ask for?

The cost of laser teeth whitening has come down as more people have come to demand the service. It’s not something that you have to spend your life savings on just to get. Because people can come in and out the door faster, more dentists are offering it as a way to boost their own profits. It’s not cheap to run a good dentistry office, which means that anything that can be done quickly and that will be popular is something that dentists are going to offer as a way of getting more people in the door.

Naturally, it’s not all just about teeth whitening. Your dentist wants to see that your teeth aren’t just white, but also very healthy. So you’re going to need to ensure that you go in for the regular checkups and also to make sure that your teeth are aligned properly. If there’s any tooth decay that will have to be treated as well.

Thankfully laser dentistry is quite flexible — you aren’t going to have to really worry too hard about whether or not your dentist can get the job done. Just let them take x-rays of your teeth and give you their honest professional opinion. It might be tempting to just assume that the dentist doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but trust us — they do!

They might recommend that your diet be changed so that you’re not taking in a lot of acidic and sugary liquids that end up breaking teeth down. Remember that you really only get one set of teeth in your life that are uniquely yours — why wouldn’t you want to take care of them as much as you could? Laser dentistry is really the future come to life now — why not get started today?

Silver fillings aren’t the best way to take care of cavities. They have a high risk of cracking or breaking teeth. They can also fall out easily, which means more time in the dentist’s chair. Since there are other options for silver fillings nowadays, such as composite resin and porcelain crowns, many people have been wondering if they should change their silver fillings.

Composite Resin Fillings

Silver fillings aren’t greatly attractive in a mouth. While you can’t see them when you smile, you’ve probably wondered if others can see them when you open your mouth wide for some reason. With composite resin fillings, no one will ever know you have fillings. They are tooth colored and they protect your teeth from further damage. This decreases the risk of losing them later in life.

While composite resign is a good choice when compared to silver fillings, it’s important to know that the shade can change for those who drink a lot of tea, coffee, and other staining drinks and foods. Dentists can place a clear protective coat over them to keep them from staining. It’s also good to know that while they do last a long time, for large cavities, they can show wear over time. If this happens, they just need to be filled again. Regular dental checkups will catch any wear issues to ensure you get them filled as soon as possible. Small cavities do not seem to wear as much, and may last a lifetime.

Porcelain Crown Fillings

Porcelain crowns are different from composite resin because they are placed over the tooth rather than in the cavity. This covers the tooth to prevent further damage just like composite resign, but it also improves the health of your tooth. This makes it stronger, and much less likely to crack or break.

The dentist will prepare your teeth first, which may include removing a part of the some of them to have the crown fit comfortable on top. The dentist will numb the areas, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort. An impression will be made to send to a lab. When the crowns are done, they will be placed on your teeth.

Choosing the Best Tooth Fillings for You

You may be eager to choose composite resin fillings because they are less expensive, but don’t let price be all that you consider. It’s important to consult with a dentist experienced in changing silver fillings to tooth colored ones first. There are many benefits to porcelain crown fillings that you should consider when making this decision. Those benefits may be well worth the price of them.

When changing silver fillings in Culver City, be sure to do your research on the different options and dentists. The procedures are not too difficult, but they do require some quality time in a dentist’s chair. To have the best experience possible, it’s best to go in with confidence that you’ve made the best decision for your oral health.

If you’re looking around at your options with laser dentistry, chances are good that you’re eventually going to find out about Waterlase. It’s a technique that has been steadily growing in popularity.

Waterlase is a laser system that’s designed to be near painless. Very few patients report pain with this method of laser dentistry, which is why it’s so popular. Instead of hurting from the heat, vibration, and pressure associated with dental drills, you get to actually skip all of that completely and be able to just have a good time and not worry so much about everything else going on in the world. That’s something that’s definitely worth looking into.

Dentists like Waterlase because it means that they don’t have to use a lot of anesthesia. One of the things that can make dental work so expensive is the need to sedate you, because that’s more risk that the dentist is going to have to take on just to take care of your needs. So whenever you can get away with not worrying about it, you’re going to be better off. Removing the dental drill out of the equation is actually a good thing — especially if it means that you’ll get out of the dentists chair sooner.

How accurate and precise is the Waterlase system? Believe it or not, a dentist can use the Waterlase system to remove tooth enamel decay, bone, and even gum tissue very precisely, without touching the healthy structure underneath.

This leads to a lot less trauma over, especially when you compare it to traditional drills. The high speed nature of the traditional dental drills can actually crack your teeth — even if the dentist doesn’t alert you to this. This sets the tone for other problems going on in your mouth, which is not a good thing at all. You’re better off going with laser dentistry if you can absolutely help it.

Improved cavity preparations are possible with Waterlase. Better cavity fillings leads to higher patient confidence, which means that you’re going to want to come back to the dentist to fix other problems in your mouth. When your teeth aren’t right, your body isn’t right. But it can be embarrassing to go to the dentist constantly, so people skip over it. What if we could take the pain, fear, and stress out of the equation? That would mean a lot more than we realize.

It would mean that you would take care of your teeth better, which leads to a better smile. Your smile is actually one of the first things that people see about you, so why not make it good?

If your dentist offers laser dentistry of any kind, chances are good that it’s going to be the Waterlase system. Make sure that you actually ask them before you get too far in the process, though. That’s the real key to success. Enjoy!