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MOPH Develops Qatar’s National Clinical Guidelines

MOPH Develops Qatar’s National Clinical Guidelines

Publication Date:
17/11/16 10:55 AM
Press Release, Latest Development
Department Grouping:
Integrated System of Healthcare
Healthcare Quality Improvement
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The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) continues working on the strategic project of the National Clinical Guidelines for the State of Qatar as part of the ministry’s efforts to achieve the National Health Strategy (NHS) to achieve Goal 2: An Integrated System of healthcare offering high-quality service.

Currently, eleven national clinical guidelines have been developed out of 30 guidelines embodied in the project. The guidelines which have already been developed include common cold, tonsillitis, community acquired pneumonia, asthma in children, asthma in adults, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, diarrhea in children, lower UTI in females and obesity.

In the same context, the ministry is working on the implementation of the workshops for developing the remaining guidelines as per the project’s plan. All guideline content that is developed will go through senior executive review and sign-off prior to publishing to be available for all healthcare professionals through the MOPH website.

In conjunction with facilitating activities associated with the development of the guidelines, the MoPH National Clinical Guidelines team has also conducted numerous ‘Awareness presentations’ at provider sites including Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Primary Healthcare Corporation (PHCC), Al Ahli, Sidra Medical Research Centre, Family Medical Clinic, Qatar Petroleum, Aster Medical Group and Al Emadi Hospital, with further presentations scheduled in the future.

These visits are targeting the leaderships of the health institutions and health practitioners with an insight into the process of National Clinical Guideline and Pathway development. It is also explained to those in attendance, how the introduction of the National Clinical Guidelines is expected to lead to more standardised, evidence-based care, with optimised patient outcomes.

Through this project, lots of accomplishments have been made. The Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Department has developed a National Clinical Guidelines Team, who has in turn communicated with key healthcare providers across Qatar to create a Stakeholder Representative Group. Working cohesively, the Clinical Guidelines Team has received nominations of expert physicians from key stakeholders, who will engage in developing the guidelines.

These National Clinical Guideline Development Workshops are approved by Qatar’s Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) and accredited as Category-2, Self-Directed Learning Activities under the Research and Quality Improvement CME/CPD activity.

Source Credit: MOPH Website

As the National Health Strategy Program 2011-2016 draws to a close, project information is currently being updated and will be available in the coming weeks.

For enquiries please contact the Program Management Office at the Ministry of Public Health.

Key Partners

  • The Ministry of Public Health [MoPH]
  • Hamad Medical Corporation [HMC]
  • Primary Health Care Corporation [PHCC]
  • Private sector healthcare providers

Download the 2.1 Quality Booklets

A Roadmap for the Strategic Design, Development and Implementation of Quality & Safety.        

Quality Booklet Roadmap

PDF (English) (1.2 MB)

PDF  (Arabic) (1.2 MB)

Practical Initial Approaches for Building & Sustaining a Culture of Patient Safety

Quality Booklet Practical Initial
PDF (English) (1.6 MB)

PDF (Arabic) (1.7 MB)

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