“Primary Care Research: Strengthening the Health System, Promoting Family Care & Preventing Chronic Disease” PHCC Scientific Research Conference, 2016

“Primary Care Research: Strengthening the Health System, Promoting Family Care & Preventing Chronic Disease” PHCC Scientific Research Conference, 2016

Start Date/Time:
14/12/16 8:00 AM Download ICS File
End Date/Time:
15/12/16 5:00 PM
Department Grouping:
Comprehensive World Class Healthcare System
Primary Care as the Foundation
PHCC Logo 100.jpg The Primary Care Scientific Research Conference (SRC) has been established as an annual
event hosted by Qatar’s Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and open to health care
professionals, research scientists and health policy makers in Qatar and the GCC/MENA

To achieve the goals of comprehensive universal healthcare, robust health infrastructure and
systems are needed and a strong evidence-base for what works in clinical practice, health promotion,
disease prevention and overall population health are necessary to inform policy and practice.

Ultimately the environment where people live and work, societal norms, culture, diet and human
behavior influence health and disease risk. Of the leading causes of ill health, obesity and related
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are a major concern globally and in particular, in Qatar and
the Arab Gulf / GCC / MENA regions. By understanding the underlying risk factors and applying
appropriately targeted, contextualized and effective interventions, the burden of these diseases
and healthcare costs will be reduced. The Primary care environment and family practice led by
a healthy, motivated and competent workforce will require a scientific evidence-base to implement
the changes necessary for improved family care and public health outcomes.

Call for Abstracts is Now Open. Deadline for Abstract Submission is 20th October 2016.
Our overall goal is to create a high-impact regional forum for research in primary health care.
This 2-day conference will focus on research in Primary Care and provides a forum for learning,
sharing, and networking.

Who should register:

• PHCC staff, faculty and residents of family and community medicine programmes
• Any other family physicians and other healthcare professionals
• Health service leaders and academic researchers

Date: 14th and 15th December 2016

Venue: To be confirmed

To register or submit please log on to our website 

On Day 1:

Regionally and Internationally renowned research scientists will deliver keynote lectures on
topics relevant to the theme across four key areas: health systems; family care; capacity building;
and chronic disease prevention.

There will also be poster presentations of original research.

On Day 2:

A series of workshops aimed at empowering researchers to develop their skills. Workshop topics include:

• Understanding the health care research process and developing a research proposal
• Understanding the research evidence base and systematic reviews
• Research ethics
• Writing for scientific publication

Keynote speakers include:

• Professor Peter Bergsten, MD; PhD., Director of Biomedical Research, Uppsala University
Medical Center, Sweden
• Professor Maurice Zeegers, PhD., Director CAPHRI School for Public Health & Primary Care,
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
• Dr Asmaa Othman Alkhtib, BDS; DCD; PhD., Consultant Paediatric Dentistry and Public
Health, PHCC & Program Manager, National Oral Health Strategy, Qatar
• Professor Sharad Taheri, MBBS; PhD., Professor of Medicine & Director of the CRS Core,
Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar
• Dr Klaus Schoenbach, PhD., Associate Dean for Research, Northwestern University Qatar
• Professor Egon Toft, MD; PhD., Dean, College of Medicine, Qatar University
• Professor Anthony Akobeng, MBChB; MD; MPH; FRCPH., Paediatric gastroenterologist,
Sidra, Qatar
• Dr Mohamad Alameddine, MPH; PhD., Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy,
American University of Beirut, Lebanon
• Dr Asmaa Ali J F Althani, PhD., Chair of the National Genome Committee, Vice Chairperson
of the Qatar Biobank Board of Trustees and Head of Health Sciences, Qatar University
• Dr Eman Sadoun, MD; PhD., Chief, Clinical Research, Ministry of Public Health, Qatar
• Dr Mohamad Verjee, MBChB., Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine,
Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar
• Dr Walid Al Ali, DVM,MS,PhD Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
• Dr Paul Amuna, MD, M.Med.Sci; RNutr, FRSM., Head of Research, PHCC, Qatar

To find out more, please log on to our website.

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