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You know those beautiful, designer handbags that are so expensive that you’d be hard-pressed even to pay the cost of gas for a car? You might have seen them in magazines or on YouTube videos from celebrities before. You might have even thought to Buy Handbags for Women Online. These bags are always coveted by many people who, for some reason, want to own one.

You may have also seen some being sold at a fraction of the cost on websites such as eBay. You might have bought one thinking that you got a good deal and later found that it was not authentic. It can be not very pleasant. However, getting your hand on an authentic designer bag is not hard if you know how to spot the difference between real and fake designer handbags. Here are some helpful tips on how to spot the difference.

Tip 1 – Bag’s Style

The style of the bag that you are looking for can be a good indication of its authenticity. If you’ve seen any celebrity with a designer handbag, look at the bag carefully and pay attention to the design. The style of the bag is not something that you will be able to tell from just looking at it, but if there are elements in it that are similar to what is used in authentic bags, then it’s more than likely a fake.

Tip 2 – Bag’s Materials

Materials are often used to differentiate between authentic and fake designer bags. Not only can they be used to tell the two apart, but they can also help in determining the origin of where the bag you’re looking at originated from. If you look closely enough, you will see that some materials used in making a designer bag are different compared with those used in making fakes. For example, if you see some imperfections on the leather, it’s a good indication that the bag is real.

Tip 3 – Check for Quality of Workmanship

Quality of workmanship is another important thing you will want to look at when deciding whether a designer bag is real or fake. It would help if you looked for misshaping or poor stitching. The work should be neat and precise. The stitches should be even, regular and smooth. The handles, strap, and any other part of the bag sewn together must be well stitched. If you find any of these inconsistencies in the stitching or any other part of the bag, you shouldn’t go ahead with your purchase.

Tip 4 – Traces of the Original Label

Another thing you should look for is a natural or fake label. If you see any traces of the original label on the bag, you shouldn’t buy it. The original label will not be fake and will probably give away how your original purchase was made. It is sad, but these labels are either removed or covered up so that no one will ever recognize that it’s a fake designer bag. You can also use some original customer receipts to determine if the bag is authentic or not.

The mentioned points are some of the major tips that you can consider while purchasing a handbag online. Once you understand all the tips, then it will help you spot the fake handbag quickly.